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Prenatal and postpartum breastfeeding support services via phone and in home visits.

Local to the Greater Milwaukee Area.

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phone consultations

Free — Please contact me to set up a phone consultation. We will evaluate and make recommendations and/or set up in home consultation as follow up.

postpartum breastfeeding consultation

$125 — This initial postpartum visit takes place in your home. Service includes a full history of mother and baby, including information about the delivery and all medications or supplements being used. A pre-feeding and post-feeding weight, a feeding observation, along with latch evaluation. Each visit will include a personalized care plan for mother and baby, and a follow-up call in one week. Visit lasts 1-2 hours. Twins are an extra $25 per hour after one hour of time.

follow up consultations

$75 — Includes pre and post feeding weight, feeding observation and latch evaluation. Re-evaluation of care plan, and edits made as necessary. Visit lasts 30 minutes to 1 hour. Each additional 30 minutes over one hour is $25.

Prenatal breastfeeding consultation for families 

$50 — A one hour visit including medical history of mother. What to expect after delivery, tips for successful breastfeeding, Personalized education about breastfeeding physiology. Tips for partners to get involved in the early days.

consultation packages - 

3 Postpartum Visits : $225 

Prenatal + 1 Postpartum Visit: $160 

Prenatal + 2 Postpartum Visit: $220 

Prenatal + 3 Postpartum Visits: $250